With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I always like to try and think of some cute & fun ways of celebrating the Day ‘o’ Love with my family.  Although most years the hubby and I stay in, this year we are going to go out for dinner which is darn exciting.  The opportunity to put my “nice clothes” on and chill with my hubby over steak and wine is pretty much pure perfection, but while I dream of what future Karlee will be doing let’s get back to the point.  For the past two years we have done a random craft day where we simply gather some craft materials, search the internet for craft ideas and get to it.  We tend to come up with some adorable things and most of all we have a lot of fun doing it.


vday editedIf you dig a family Valentine’s Day In, here are some options to make your day extra sweet.

❤  Make a special heart shaped or themed breakfast such as heart shaped pancakes, fruit skewers made with heart shaped banana’s and strawberries or even a pink fruit smoothie.

❤  Put love notes in your family’s lunch boxes.

❤  Make heart shaped pizza for supper.

❤  Do a make your own ice cream sundae station with Valentine’s candies or whip cream, strawberries & chocolate sauce.

❤  Bake and decorate heart shaped sugar cookies.

Fast forward to after the kiddos are in bed and finish off the evening with some romantic movies or a nice pink bubble bath with Rosé and chocolate covered strawberries to be extra cliché.  Hmmm did ya catch that rhyme there…. you’re welcome.

If you are single for this holiday don’t fret there are so many things to make it fun.  There is always Galentine’s Day where you and your gal pals get together and drink wine, chit chat, and hey who said you can’t watch romance flicks and eat all the chocolate and for the men I am sure there is a hockey game on LOL.

The holidays are what you make them, so switch things up and leave a comment letting me know how you like to celebrate.

Stay Sassy Friends