Welcome to Sweatpants & Sass

I am passionate about helping others create a more organized, functional & beautiful space within their home or business.


Home Organization

Sweatpants & Sass is ready to tackle all areas of your home. Cluttered closets, overstuffed pantry’s & playrooms overflowing with toys that are not actually being played with. We are here to help you create an attractive yet functional home.


Minimize and Declutter

We are here to help or take on he task of decluttering your space. If you are feeling overwhelmed by extra “stuff” laying around and you need some guidance when minimizing your things, we are here to lend a hand.



Function and beauty can co-exist, lets find a beautiful balance together.
Let your space describe you and fit your lifestyle.

My Approach


Over the phone we will take the time to go over what you are looking for and then schedule a time that is convenient for you to assess the services you are needing.

In Home Assessment

Together we will walk through your space and determine what approach to take and what is needed to reach your goals. Once we have established a strategy, we will go over how we will achieve the finished look you are seeking. This is also when we will go over the estimated time to complete the project.


My Goal is to Help People By Offering Effective Organization Services

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